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Hey friends! Are you on Instagram? Sweetpea’s Evening Ag News is, and we invite you to follow along with us! Some of the content we plan to post includes: Previews, snippets, and featured photos from articles appearing on this blog “Shout outs” to businesses and organizations that are members of our Agribusiness Directory (Will thatContinue reading “Follow Us!”

From the Christmas Tree Capital of the World to You!

By Kim Buddington It’s the middle of December once again, and the countdown to Christmas is on! The sugar cookies are in the oven, carols are being sung, and memories are in the making. What about the tree? Do you have a festive evergreen adorning your living room yet? This time of the year wouldn’tContinue reading “From the Christmas Tree Capital of the World to You!”

Please Pass the Cranberries!

By Kim Buddington Let’s play a little game! What side do you fall on? As you’re seated at the Thanksgiving table, Do you say, “Yes, please!” to the cranberry sauce as it comes around? Or are you a member of team, “Uh, thanks… but no thanks!” as you happily pass the jiggly red stuff alongContinue reading “Please Pass the Cranberries!”

97 Milk- Restoring the Image of Dairy and WHOLE Milk!

By Kim Buddington Today’s consumers want the truth- especially when it comes to agriculture and the dairy industry. Unfortunately, the truth can be hard to find at times, and it seems to get lost in the vast sea of information available at our fingertips. To help make the truth about milk and dairy farms moreContinue reading “97 Milk- Restoring the Image of Dairy and WHOLE Milk!”

Need an Internship? Experience Agriculture in the Ozarks with McCarthy Cattle Co.

Now Hiring! You could have the chance to intern with a top-notch commercial Angus cow/calf operation next year…

The Story of the Orange Sulphur Cosmos (Guest Author Post!)

Renae B. Vander Schaaf Essays From My Farmhouse Kitchen The Story of the Orange Sulphur Cosmos Gardens are really a sanctuary for everyone. It is a place to dream, create, work up a sweat pulling those ever present weeds or just enjoy the luxury of the outdoors. My gardens do live up to myContinue reading “The Story of the Orange Sulphur Cosmos (Guest Author Post!)”

4-H Projects & Fair Filled Summers- My Reflections on Years Past

I am forever thankful to have had the opportunity to grow up being a “fair kid.” If you also grew up putting hours of work, along with blood, sweat, and tears into your livestock projects, you can probably relate. Folks who haven’t had the experience may not get it.

Camping & Cows- A Diverse Internship Experience for SUNY Cobleskill Grad

By Kim Buddington Internship programs for college students are widespread across many different industries and professions these days. It is no different in the world of agriculture, as internships give students and recent graduates the connections and practical skills required to get a solid start in their chosen career field. From animal science work toContinue reading “Camping & Cows- A Diverse Internship Experience for SUNY Cobleskill Grad”

Guest Author Special Feature-Essays From My Farmhouse Kitchen

By Renae B. Vander Schaaf Do You Know Doc Neumann? There really isn’t a more fitting time to finally have this book published than during National Ag Week. The old-time veterinarian was mighty important to farmers as together they worked to keep livestock healthy and alive, thereby protecting their livelihoods. AJ Neumann was fresh outContinue reading “Guest Author Special Feature-Essays From My Farmhouse Kitchen”

Sweetpea’s Virtual Dairy Farm & Creamery Tour (Part 2)

By Kim Buddington You’ve made it to part 2 of our tour, thanks for sticking around! We still have more great dairy farms and foods to discover together. Stop #8- Montana Lifeline Farm Lifeline Farm in Victor, MT is a USDA Certified Organic dairy, producing milk products from grass-fed Brown Swiss and Braunvieh cows. TheyContinue reading “Sweetpea’s Virtual Dairy Farm & Creamery Tour (Part 2)”