Hey! Our next blog post could be all about YOU!

Hey Friends It’s time to bring this blog back to life! If you’re looking for a little free publicity for your agricultural business, (who isn’t, especially this year, right???) look no further! We’re looking for businesses to write articles about on our blog. Again, there is no cost to you to participate. To get anContinue reading “Hey! Our next blog post could be all about YOU!”

Dairy Girl Fitness- Strengthening Women & Promoting Dairy

By Kim Buddington To all my dairy loving, hardworking farm gals out there…are you working on a health and fitness goal or two this year? Or maybe you were, and then a certain global crisis struck and threw you off? (Stress eating anyone??? Ugh, guilty! ;/ 😉 It’s no secret that the web is teemingContinue reading “Dairy Girl Fitness- Strengthening Women & Promoting Dairy”

Introducing SaskDutch Kid- Where Dairy Farming & YouTube Meet

By Kim Buddington If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably inadvertently found yourself up here. Wide awake, 3 hours past your bedtime, thanks to watching video after video on YouTube. It’s just so easy to do, right? One can search up and watch videos about anything on the planet. You can go from episodes of old TVContinue reading “Introducing SaskDutch Kid- Where Dairy Farming & YouTube Meet”

Welcome to Aussakita Acres- Where People & Animals Connect

By Kim Buddington Have you ever heard of or been part of a Piglet Social? What about a yoga class…among goats? At Aussakita Acres Farm in Manchester, Connecticut, you can experience both of these unique activities, and so much more! For the past 12 years, farm owner and Professional Dog Obedience Trainer, Tracy Longoria hasContinue reading “Welcome to Aussakita Acres- Where People & Animals Connect”

Milk Quality Control- For the Homestead & Hobby Farm

By Kim Buddington For many farming folks, the most wonderful time of the year is here. Well, the most wonderful…and stressful…springtime kidding/calving/lambing season. Babies are everywhere! Goat kidding season has started back on my family’s farm. My social media feeds are also jammed with newborn livestock of all types. Although I’m currently not working directlyContinue reading “Milk Quality Control- For the Homestead & Hobby Farm”

Time to Get Digging! Planning for a Garden in a Small Space

By Kim Buddington Well, we find ourselves at the end of January 2020 already. Do you know what that means? If you live in a location where the air gets cold this time of year, it means it’s time to beat the dreary days of winter by planning your garden for the coming growing season! Continue reading “Time to Get Digging! Planning for a Garden in a Small Space”

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Hey friends! Are you on Instagram? Sweetpea’s Evening Ag News is, and we invite you to follow along with us! Some of the content we plan to post includes: Previews, snippets, and featured photos from articles appearing on this blog “Shout outs” to businesses and organizations that are members of our Agribusiness Directory (Will thatContinue reading “Follow Us!”

From the Christmas Tree Capital of the World to You!

By Kim Buddington It’s the middle of December once again, and the countdown to Christmas is on! The sugar cookies are in the oven, carols are being sung, and memories are in the making. What about the tree? Do you have a festive evergreen adorning your living room yet? This time of the year wouldn’tContinue reading “From the Christmas Tree Capital of the World to You!”

Please Pass the Cranberries!

By Kim Buddington Let’s play a little game! What side do you fall on? As you’re seated at the Thanksgiving table, Do you say, “Yes, please!” to the cranberry sauce as it comes around? Or are you a member of team, “Uh, thanks… but no thanks!” as you happily pass the jiggly red stuff alongContinue reading “Please Pass the Cranberries!”

97 Milk- Restoring the Image of Dairy and WHOLE Milk!

By Kim Buddington Today’s consumers want the truth- especially when it comes to agriculture and the dairy industry. Unfortunately, the truth can be hard to find at times, and it seems to get lost in the vast sea of information available at our fingertips. To help make the truth about milk and dairy farms moreContinue reading “97 Milk- Restoring the Image of Dairy and WHOLE Milk!”