Dairy Girl Fitness- Strengthening Women & Promoting Dairy

By Kim Buddington To all my dairy loving, hardworking farm gals out there…are you working on a health and fitness goal or two this year? Or maybe you were, and then a certain global crisis struck and threw you off? (Stress eating anyone??? Ugh, guilty! ;/ 😉 It’s no secret that the web is teemingContinue reading “Dairy Girl Fitness- Strengthening Women & Promoting Dairy”

Milk Quality Control- For the Homestead & Hobby Farm

By Kim Buddington For many farming folks, the most wonderful time of the year is here. Well, the most wonderful…and stressful…springtime kidding/calving/lambing season. Babies are everywhere! Goat kidding season has started back on my family’s farm. My social media feeds are also jammed with newborn livestock of all types. Although I’m currently not working directlyContinue reading “Milk Quality Control- For the Homestead & Hobby Farm”

Sweetpea’s Virtual Dairy Farm & Creamery Tour (Part 1)

By Kim Buddington Happy June, everyone! Do you know what that means? Well grab a glass of real milk, snack on some cheese or spread that butter on your toast because it’s June Dairy Month, 2019! Yep, this month is all about dairy cows, dairy products, and of course, dairy farmers. If you’re a dairyContinue reading “Sweetpea’s Virtual Dairy Farm & Creamery Tour (Part 1)”